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  ISSN: 2385-0825
Anno: 2016
Numero: 1
Fascicolo: 1/2016
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Annali del dipartimento di metodi e modelli per l'economia il territorio e la finanza
Donatella Strangio 
A question of definition. Literature and variable strategies for mega events

In the literature there are different definitions of this category which, however, are not yet satisfactory. Before moving on to redefine the concept of “mega event”, we will proceed to describe briefly the definitions already given by the experts. A definition of the big event, which incorporates the common language, must take into account: - the importance of the appearance design of the big event. This is the result of a program that already in the planning stage (ex ante) has arisen, as a general objective, to give an event a character of extraordinary. The realization confirm (ex post) only goodness (or weaknesses) of the creative process and management. Some events have become great by accident, but this is just the exception that proves the rule; - of all the strategic variables that give an event the sign of the extraordinary, making it somewhat unique. The event is a project that, as in physics, is characterized to represent a point in space-time. In other words, a project of the event is determined by four strategic variables: three can be represented in Cartesian coordinates of orthogonal reference and the fourth by a time coordinate. In the process of production of a large event all variables have the same importance. Among these will retain more detail the decision variable for the reason that in this field Italy has shown, in recent years, and until the recent award in Milan Universal Exhibition of 2015, the greatest weaknesses. 

Keywords: mega event, tourism, economics, territory.

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