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  ISSN: 1121-8819
Anno: 2016
Numero: XXVII
Fascicolo: XXVII/2016
Prezzo: 14.00 €
R. Mayhew 
Schol. Theocr. 1,34b W. and Aristotle on Od. XVI 176

A scholion on Theocr. 1,34 implies that Aristotle favored γενειάδες over the variant ἐθειράδες in Od. XVI 176. Lehrs emended Ἀριστοτέλης to Ἀρίσταρχος in this scholion, and this ‘correction’ was accepted by Wendel. van der Valk rejected Lehrs’ emendation and suggested that schol. Theocr. 1,34b W. should be considered a fragment of Aristotle. He claims that Aristotle Ģinterpreted somewhere the word ἐθειράδεςģ and in that discussion Ģadducedģ Od. XVI 176. In the present note, I argue that van der Valk is right that we should accept the manuscripts’ Ἀριστοτέλης in schol. Theocr. 1,34, and that this is a fragment from a lost work; but I further argue that the Ģsomewhereģ he refers to is most likely the Homeric Puzzles, and that Aristotle did not adduce Od. XVI 176 but directly discussed it.

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