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Cert. Hom. Hes. 138-148 and AP XIV 147

Kwapisz Jan
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Eikasmos N. XXXI 2020

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AP XIV 147, a three-hexameter arithmetical riddle which the lemma introduces as Homer’s response to Hesiod’s query regarding the number of the Greeks at Troy, is identical with Cert. Hom. Hes. 143-145, with the exception of the first line. This discussion argues that the text of Cert. Hom. Hes. 143 is corrupt; the correct text is preserved, as was seen by Bachet de Méziriac, in the variant offered by AP XIV 147,1. Accordingly, AP XIV is to be recognized as a textual witness for Cert. Hom. Hes. In addition, the presence of a curious acrostic confirms that the reading in AP XIV 147 is correct, and suggests that Cert. Hom. Hes. 140f., i.e. Hesiod’s question put in hexameters, and 143-145 had originally been one whole, either as an independent riddle or within Cert. Hom. Hes., yet its unity was obscured by the insertion of line 142, a part of the prose frame.