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Una nuova iscrizione del console Sextus Teidius Valerius Catullus

Zoia Serena
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Rivista Storica dell’Antichità
Rivista Storica dell’Antichità N.XLI/2011

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Abstract A fragmentary marble inscription preserved in Milan is dedicated to senator Sextus Teidius Valerius Catullus, consul in 31 a.C., who until now has been to us no more than a name carved on the Fasti consulares. This new inscription informs us on the fi rst steps of Teidius’ political career, from the questorship to a not well-defi ned cura. Unfortunately there are no evidences that the slab was found in Milan, but a link to the city could be offered by Terentia Hispulla, Teidius’ presumed wife, member of the Milanese family of the Terentii Hispones. Keywords: fragmentary inscription; Milan; Sextus Teidius Valerius Catullus; political career; Terentia Hispulla