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Tra didattica partecipata e “nuove” forme partecipative dell’abitare: l’esperienza di un docufilm

Dumont Isabelle
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Geotema N.56/2018

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Between participated didactics and “new” participatory forms of living: the experience of a docufilm.

Several proposal have emerged over time in search of a more sustainable and participatory living, cohousing and ecovillagesare among them. The docufilm, made with Roma Tre university students, seeks to understand from inside these “participatoryforms of living” which try to implement the three complementary axes of sustainability (environmental, economic andsocial). 4 different cases have been analyzed: 2 in rural and 2 in urban contexts and for each context there is a projectbuilt from new and another involving the recovery of old buildings.The docufilm construction by the students (interviews, shootings selection…), was part of an experimental project aimedto draw their attention on the importance of field research, as well as aimed to motivate them to translate the scientificknowledge into the modern languages of the image, fostering the dialogue with civil society. The full version of the film isavailable in DVD, while the short one is visible on

Keywords: cohousing, ecovillages, docufilm, sustainability, participatory living.