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Quattuorviri y aediles en los municipios de constitución cuatorviral a fi nes de la República y en época Altoimperial

Gil Enrique Melchor
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Rivista Storica dell’Antichità
Rivista Storica dell’Antichità N.XLIII/2013

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In this paper we work on the assumption that in numerous Italian townships, after the so¬cial war, it was established the system of magistracies formed by a board of four officials (quattuorviri). Then, we analyse the division of roles into of the old college of quattuor¬viri (iure dicundo and aedilicia potestate) and its possible coexistence with other aedi¬licius college. The legal fonts, as well as the epigraphy, allow us to likely state that the administration of the townships, since the time of Cesar, had no a college of quattuorviri and another of aediles at the same time. The epigraphic fonts also show us that the word quattuorvir was used in imperial time to appoint the magistrates with jurisdictional autho¬